Pros And Cons Of Using Eddm For Your Direct Mail Campaign

While many direct marketers have embraced Every Door Direct Mail as an affordable way to conduct marketing campaigns, there are others who argue that it's not as effective as direct mail campaigns that use mailing lists to target recipients.

Marketing campaigns conducted using EDDM are known as "saturation" campaigns, since a mailer is sent to every home within a particular ZIP code. The principle behind this is that this particular area contains many customers and potential customers who are your target audience. You dont need to have a mailing list, since every mailbox within the ZIP code will receive your mailing.

The main disadvantage of EDDM is that, since there is no return address on the mailer, it runs the risk of being considered junk mail and thrown out without the recipient even bothering to read it. In addition, you would have to print out a lot of mailers for your campaign.

However, if you're a small business and want to reach everybody in a particular area, then EDDM is your best option.

Businesses who can benefit the most from EDDM direct mail campaigns are small local ones who are trying to generate business and gain customers within a particular service area. These can include:

* Service providers

* Restaurants

* Healthcare providers

* Retailers

* Laundries

* Churches EDDM is also ideal for one-time or occasional campaigns, such as business openings and launches, and announcements of special events and promotions.

Of course, there are marketers who would argue that EDDM is ineffective and that a "targeted" approach would deliver better results. But this would mean generating or acquiring a mailing list of leads who would be interested in what you have to offer. This can be expensive, since you would either have to conduct a lot of research to find leads, or you would have to buy a mailing list.

So should you use an EDDM direct mail campaign? If your business offers a universally needed service or product, then it may be a good option for you. It's also a good choice if you have a limited budget for marketing, and the mailer includes coupons or other redeemables that will require action on the part of the recipients.

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Factors That Make Sign Spinner Advertising Outperform Erected Advertisements

The success of any business lies in the kind of advertisement they go for in order to make their brand, products and services connect with people. A wonderful way of promoting your brand is sign spinner advertising that can target a large number of people in a totally unique manner. But what makes them stand out from other advertisement methods? Here are factors that make sign spinner advertising outperform erected advertisements.

Highly Appealing

The most important factor that helps works wonders for advertising with sign spinners is their appeal which makes them outperform any sort of erected billboards. You can gain a huge amount of traffic if you go for professional models promoting your advertisements and brand.

Sign spinner advertising can cover a great deal of area around a business in order to capture the interests of maximum number of potential clients. And that's all because of the amazing mobility that they feature. They can always change their locations and promote the ads at a place where they can find more and more people.

Direct The Crowd

An actual person holding some billboards can prove to be highly efficient in helping the crowd find the concerned brand's store or premises. Directing the crowd becomes even more easier when the campaigns use arrow signs, making them stand out from regular erected signage.

Individual Interaction

Erected signage and ads can't interact with people, but human billboards or sign spinners can talk to every person that shows some interest in the advertisements. They can solve people's queries in real time and explain them everything they want to know about the promotion. This makes the crowd much more convinced, thereby resulting in increased exposure and more business.

Access The Customer Requirements

It's clear than a static billboard cannot understand the requirements and thought process of the customers, whereas a human can. They can access the response of the people towards the advertisements that they are displaying and work out the campaign accordingly. Attracting more people becomes easier when the spinners offer a unique approach to marketing for each customer they speak to.


Big brands that make millions and billions of dollars find advertising using newspapers, TV commercials and erected billboards quite an effortless affair. But, small businesses often find such advertisement methods very expensive due to numerous elements involved in the process of making a campaign successful, including printing, installation costs, legal permissions and much more. Sign spinner advertising is not only extremely cost-friendly, but is also accompanied by great ease of installation and minimum hassle.

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